There are too many cards letters and emails to publish here, so this is a small selection for you to read. If you would like to ask about whether your own situation could benefit in any way, please do contact me and ask - I'll be delighted to talk with you!

This lovely card is from the Mum of a young patient who was referred to me by her gastroenterologist. Her I.B.S symptoms, and the distress they caused her, were making life a misery and her Mum had been terribly worried. She responded quickly and well to treatment and was soon on her feet again, happy and confident!

I was expecting to see this patient several times, but actually only had the chance to treat this him once - for a nervous fear of heights, and he was planning to visit a friend who lived near a high suspension bridge! I was later was most amused to find that not only had he been able to walk with bridge easily, he was now so comfortable with heights that he had taken up rock climbing! Result!

I.B.S. is something I deal with a lot! It's surprising how much hypnotherapy can help keep the physical symptoms under control, and so help you feel happier, brighter and more confident! This lovely lady needed just that - and she got it!

This wonderful lady had become quite a recluse after her husband died, as she lived deep in the countryside and was very nervous of driving anywhere on her own. A few sessions put her right, and as you can read, her confidence and her social life grew like wildfire!

Some of my clients, like this one, come to me through specialist clinics at their local hospital, and I am often their last resort! I don't mind this at all, and hypnotherapy often succeeds where all else has failed - in this case quite spectacularly!

This delightful man just need someone to believe in him, encourage him, cheer him on, nurture him through the failures and applaud when he succeeded. Then having gained confidence, he was able to fly solo!

What a lovely lady! Needing to gain the courage to escape from a bad relationship, with hypno she did so , and went on to lead a very happy and healthy life. It's making a difference like this that makes it all worthwhile!

A stressed out, anxious and worried individual needed help here to start sleeping properly, heal from her traumas, stop worrying, and start enjoying life - and she did! Hypno and Life Coaching can make such a big difference in so many ways!

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