One-to-one sessions.

You can self-refer and book in

for as many or as few sessions as you need. Sometimes all you need is one session, and that's fine! If you need more, you can book sessions as you go along, to suit your schedule. Some clients come once, some come just to sort one problem or issue, and some return over time to deal with new issues as they arise in life. We are all different - you do what suits you!

Employee Assistance - off site

As an employer, you know that when a staff member has a problem at home, they will try their best to leave it behind when they come to work. But almost inevitably, it will prey on their mind and lead to a fall in productivity in the workplace. Allowing them a safe place to come and sort out their problems away from the office is a great option, maintaining their privacy and dignity while helping them abck on track in the quickest available time.

Talks and Lectures.

Talks can be fun and interactive, with demos and Q and As, for all sorts of gatherings, from W.I. meetings to University Lectures, from health cubs to GP surgeries and the the subjects can be as narrow or as wide as you like - from  "the funniest things that have happened in therapy" and " how do we deal with phobias, I.B.S. or lack of confidence?" to "how can hypnotherapy help my patients?"

How do you want this to work for you? Every person, and every company , is unique. Here are some options -

Employee assistance - on-site

If you have an occasional room or a full dedicated space on-site where employees can come in or out of working hours to see a therapist and get help to sort out their issues, then you have the best of all worlds. You can arrange a regular day or half day at your premesis, at a time span that suits you, and your staff can book in directly themselves. This can be an add-on to the facilities you already have in place to look after your staff, or it can be slotted into a healthcare scheme you already have in place.

Employee assistance - training courses

When it comes to something like confidence, self esteem, or motivation to succeed, then the whole workforce can benefit from extra help. And that. of course, benefits your company in turn! Training courses can be designed specific to your business, and delivered on or off-site at a time to suit you and your workforce.

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